Thursday, November 21, 2019

Environmental Scanning Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Environmental Scanning - Assignment Example Strategic partners are now tasked with the duty of revisiting the policies that they have established to fight bullying and taunting both on the field, and out of the field by its players. This is more so because the report sanctioned by the league in February showed that Martin had been bullied and taunted by his teammates in multiple instances (Associated Press, 2014). Though the Miami Dolphins are on the spot, they are not the only club which has been involved in cases of bullying and taunting. Other teams also have to keenly go through their policies as well, to ensure that all their players maintain proper behaviour that does not discriminate against any other players they are in contact with. As the Wall Street Journal reported in February, League executives are in agreement that steps need to be taken to ensure that similar incidences are curbed, and change the culture of football (Associated Press, 2014). Stakeholders in the sport have had to re-evaluate the efforts they have in position to mitigate the form of violence that bullying and taunting is. As a football club, Miami Dolphins needs to enforce stricter measures in order for the players in their club to feel safer while they play the game. Legal constraints and protections would help other players who might be sourced after to join the club. Stricter measures will also give their players better chances of advancing their careers since they will not be stigmatized as a team that tolerates violent

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