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Professional Skills for Business Analysis

Question: Discuss about the Professional Skills for Business Analysis. Answer: Introduction Professional skills for business analysis are important to have a clear and sound understanding of the skills that are needed to become a successful graduate professional (Chen, Chiang and Storey 2012). This assignment deals with three case studies, which have different sets of skills. The first case study is about checking the analytical skills that are needed to complete the participation in degree colleges successfully. Moreover, it also has two other case studies such as Custom Load Trucking and John and Jacob, Inc.: Online Trading System. The morale of these case studies is very simple. It helps in developing the necessary skills that are necessary for a successful completion of the degree courses in colleges and for becoming successful graduate professionals. Phases in College Completion Cycle After entering into the colleges, the life cycle that completes after a successful completion of the course does pass through certain common phases. Following are the different phases that are involved in the complete life cycle for a student in the degree courses colleges (Bhatia 2014): Admission into the desired courses Payment of fee Attending the classes Participating in the projects Preparing the different assignments Appearing in the semester exams Successfully completing the degree course by passing with good grades Activities with each phase After entering into the degree courses, few of the phases are most important such as taking part in cultural events, participating in different project works, doing numerous assignments, appearing in the semester exams (Bargiela-Chiappini and Nickerson 2014). Activities that are included during the participation into a cultural event would be playing some kinds of role such as inspirational roles. The cultural related program is very important as this help the students in generating the necessary awareness towards the cultural facts of the concerned nation or the other nation. This is very important to prevent any racial discrimination at the study place, which is a barrier to the education (Sonteya and Seymour 2012). Other things such as project works, assignment works are very much educational things that are parts of course module (Fleisher and Bensoussan 2015). Techniques Techniques involved in doing project works and assignment works are just about going thoroughly to the requirement and prepare the works accordingly. However, cultural awareness can be enhanced through some lectures of professors or more efficiently through a program on cultural differences. Cultural Program is indeed much valuable as it helps in preventing discrimination related activities at the study place (Silbiger 2016). Models The best model for student life at the degree colleges can be one that drives the students for a motivational approach towards every activity, which are probable at the college life. This is something, which finds very les awareness from the senior staffs of the college. However, this is very important for an educational environment. This is because of the following reasons (Singleton 2013): Racial discrimination at the study place that also disturbs the study environment Interestingly, Australia is among those countries, which has high rate of cases of racism Motivational approach would be of high appreciation in those circumstances as this helps in staying firm strong with the ultimate goal to crack the course with utmost success Motivation also helps students in staying strong in odd situations such as when some students fail some of its assignments or semesters These are such instances that damages the motivational thoughts of the students, which is of high importance for their career prospect The model, which the learner has created, is different to that person who helps in planning and controlling the entire participation of a student during its degree course. Person who takes care of all the proceedings related to the course module have very less time to concentrate in other parts of student life. They simply miss on something, which is rather more important in order to incept graduate level skills in students (Muller 2012). Tools There are no such tools to incept the feelings of motivation into students; however, it can well be achieved by incepting someone who can spend some moments with the students. This can well be achieved by the inclusion of a motivator who is experienced in handling the fights and conflicts in between the students. The college committee should appoint such person who is a professional motivator (Shelby 2013). Judging the decision of CLT The decision of CLT to choose one of the employees from the organization for the post of project manager for reducing the flaws in transport service and meeting the increasing demands of shipments is not a healthy move. This is because of the fact that IT experts are not very keen on taking participation in the transport department. It is very clear in the given case study, that IT experts of the Company are not keen on taking part in the transport system. Stewart who is being nominated as the potential choice for the post of project manager might have strong previous records but that are all related to the technical department (Laguador 2015). The CLT Company should look for someone who has a proven record in the field of transport department. It is indeed tough to find out such skills, as there are potential shortages in the market. However, the Company can make their contact with some of the transport companies to hire a person who is well versed with all the functionalities and operations of the transport department (Hillmer, Wiedenbrueg and Bunz 2012). Criteria to check the capabilities Monica has shown her interest in Stewart for the post of project manager for the transport department. However, Monica needs to check the credentials of the selected candidate for the required task. The selected candidate has a proven record of supervisor in the same Company; however, to handle a project, which is related to the transport and vehicles is something very uncommon. IT experts of the Company are not very keen for the transport department. It then becomes mandatory for Monica to have an interview with Stewart on his education and interest level for the transport department (Fisher, Bagiati and Sarma 2014). Job Structure The selected personal for the transport department by Monica is well versed in previous IT projects; however, it has no proven records for the transport department. Monica has just selected Stewart to fill the gaps created by the shortages of skills in the market. Nonetheless, it becomes necessary for Monica to have some guidelines to the selected Stewart to encourage him for a controlled approach. The structure of the job for Stewart would have following elements in it (Winters et al. 2013): Analysing the trucking capabilities of the CLT Analysing the technological advancement of the CLT Making the shipments accordingly Keeping a track on all the shipments to reduce the risk of shipment failure to the maximum possibilities Advises to Stewart If the learner would be in place of Monica, the learner would have gone to propose the following advices to Stewart to make him efficient project manager for the transport department (Bridge and O'Neill 2012): Keep a track on the loading and unloading tasks Communicate well to the driver in order to encourage him for a quick delivery of the goods Communicating with the clients for assuring them about the shipment of the products as per their requirement This is helpful in establishing a friendly and cooperative environment in between the client and the Company The learner should also focus on managing a sufficient manpower, which could efficiently handle all the processes that are involved in goods transportation such as loading, unloading, driving and many more Needs to keep a track on the fuel shortages Need to fill up the required fuels at the most appropriate stages prior to the shipment Method to involve Brokers Edward is confused on educating its brokers on the development program, which the John and Jacob, Inc is about to adopt to enhance its competitiveness in the market. Meeting with all the brokers at different branches of the Company in the United States is time consuming and exhaustive. According to the learner, meeting with one or two selected brokers, which represent the group of brokers would be advisable and time saving (Laguador 2015). The invited brokers might be aware of the tech gadget, which the Company is going to introduce; however, brokers are needed to be educated on how to use those gadgets. Every common person at present time is aware of the Tablets and Smartphones. It is also aware of the social platforms but the job requirement is not limited only to the usage of such gadgets but it is more than that. Brokers are needed to be educated on a particular platform of the website, which the Company would use for the online trading purposes (Muller 2012). Process to involve Customers The customers of John and Jacob are unsatisfied with the existing system of the Company. It is very difficult to have their participation in the development process. To ensure that those customers who are a representatives of this Company, it is advisable to check the database to identify its potential customers. However, its customers are not happy with the existing trading system of the Company. It is very challenging for the Company to have the participation of its trusted customers in the development process (Singleton 2013). Edward can encourage its customers by citing the flaws of the existing trading system and showing the importance of propose technologies for the trading system. It is rather very easy to communicate with the customers as the development is related to tech gadgets, which is the advanced version of the existing method. Edward can cite the importance of propose technology by showing the level of ease with which the task can be completed with the usage of Tablets and Smartphones for twitting and mailing (Silbiger 2016). Inclusion of other stakeholders The list of peoples that are needed to be incepted to enhance and organize the functionalities of the operation can be shortlisted by analysing the domain of expertise needed for the operation of the added development. Moreover, Edward can also judge the requirement of stakeholders based on multi operation facilities at the different tech gadgets. List of people that to be incepted in the development process are as follows (Bhatia 2014): Back end operations such as accounting and investing Tech experts who can educate on the usage of gadgets to all the stakeholders Support from the middle management to have their help on the financial part of the project Conclusion Professional skills for business analysis are an important asset for an individual and the organization. It guides them to the analytical capabilities on different business terms. Moreover, to have a successful business in the market, it is necessary to understand the personal capabilities with the changing environment in the market. References Bargiela-Chiappini, F. and Nickerson, C.R., 2014.Writing business: Genres, media and discourses. Routledge. Bhatia, V.K., 2014.Analysing genre: Language use in professional settings. Routledge. Bridge, S. and O'Neill, K., 2012.Understanding enterprise: entrepreneurship and small business. Palgrave Macmillan. Chen, H., Chiang, R.H. and Storey, V.C., 2012. Business intelligence and analytics: From big data to big impact.MIS quarterly,36(4), pp.1165-1188. Fisher, D.R., Bagiati, A. and Sarma, S., 2014. Fostering 21st century skills in engineering undergraduates through co-curricular involvement.age,24, p.1. Fleisher, C.S. and Bensoussan, B.E., 2015.Business and competitive analysis: effective application of new and classic methods. FT Press. Hillmer, G., Wiedenbrueg, R. and Bunz, A., 2012. Competences Required by Industry from Early-Career Engineering GraduatesDeveloping Management Leadership Skills in Engineering Education.Innovations,2012, pp.291-304. Laguador, J.M., 2015. Industry Skills And Training Requirements Towards Employability.International Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Research,3(2), pp.7-10. Muller, E., 2012.Innovation interactions between knowledge-intensive business services and small and medium-sized enterprises: an analysis in terms of evolution, knowledge and territories(Vol. 11). Springer Science Business Media. Shelby, R., Patten, E., Ansari, F., Pruitt, L., Walker, G. and Wang, J., 2013. Implementation of leadership and service learning in a first-year engineering course enhances professional skills.International Journal of Engineering Education,29(1), pp.1-14. Silbiger, S., 2016.The 10-day MBA: a step-by-step guide to mastering the skills taught in top business schools. Hachette UK. Singleton, W.T., 2013.The analysis of practical skills. Springer Science Business Media. Sonteya, T. and Seymour, L., 2012. Towards an understanding of the business process analyst: an analysis of competencies.Journal of Information Technology Education: Research,11(1), pp.43-63. Winters, K.E., Matusovich, H.M., Brunhaver, M.S. and Chen, H.L., 2013. From freshman engineering students to practicing professionals: Changes in beliefs about important skills over time.age,23, p.1. Professional Skills for Business Analysis Questions: Task 3.01 Journal Continue your journal (a project log or diary) for this next Assignment. Use a table with columns for activity number, date, activity, description and status. The journal will serve as the diary of your project.Task 3.02 Develop a one-page table of key requirements (product backlog) from the perspectives of each of the stakeholders (user stories) using Agile format As a .... I want to .... so that..).Task 3.03 Provide an AS IS process using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) or UML (Unified Modelling Language).Task 3.04 Develop a TO BE process using BPMN or UML.Task 3.05 Compare your As is and To be diagrams to prepare a briefing note for the Organisational change and Training Team regarding the anticipated business impact of the system. You should make recommendations on how these business impacts can be managed. Task 3.06 From a business perspective categorise the backlog using the MOSCOW requirement prioritization method (or other similar method in which case you must name the method and give a reference) and identify the stories that makes your minimum viable product.Task 3.07 Develop screen designs for two MUST stories created in Task 3.06 and identify any business rules; justify your design.Task 3.08 Write all acceptance criteria for these two stories to be done.Task 3.09 Write a Job Description for a Business Analyst to be recruited to join your project. Answers: Task 3.01 Journal Log The journal log provides with the processes that are considered during the study. Activity Number Date Activity Name Description Status 1 26/03/2016 Selection of the organization and gathering of information about the problems the organization faces The organization is selected based on the scope of the study. Completed 2 28/03/2016 Creation of product backlog It helps to identify the user stories from the business perspectives. Completed 3 04/04/2016 Identification of the improvement process Understanding the areas of improvement in their existing system Completed 4 16/04/2016 Evaluation of the implementation process The inputs are understandable for development. Completed 5 07/05/2016 Identifying the benefits of the proposed changes The benefits of the proposed solutions are identified before the implementation of the system. Completed 6 18/05/2016 to Present Proposing changes in the organization The proposed solution is approved by the stakeholders. Completed 7 Present Development of the proposed solution Development of the billing system using ERP. Work-in-progress Task 3.02 Product Backlog from the perspectives of each of the stakeholders ID Items As a I want So that Priority Effort Status Preferable Notes 1 Implementation of automated billing system Wealth Advisors To develop an automated billing system for Wealth Advisory Firm to generate tickets for each of the billing services. It can reduce the chances of errors and consume times for the wealth advisors to manage their services effectively. High High Pursuing When the system is implemented for Wealth Advisory Firm, then the firm can run their business operations efficiently. 2 Implementation of centralized invoicing system Wealth Advisors To track the invoices as well as payments received from the clients. It reduces the circulation of the invoices copies to other departments. It reduces the chances of misplacing the invoices. High Low Pursuing The business operations become more efficient and the time of the employees are consumed. 3 Implementation of online billing system Business Analyst To search for the customers data online and their invoice numbers to generate reports The invoices should be generated successfully, and it gives in time information about the customers. Moderate High Pursuing It is incremental in the work management of the Wealth Advisory Firm. 4 Implementation of automated billing system Business Analyst To support the customer profile as well as login credentials Each of the customers has unique customer ID, wealth advisor ID, and invoice number. Moderate Low Pursuing The employees should search for unique customers by their user ID etc. 5 Implementation of billing system Business Analyst To have a feasibility analysis in order to accept the token for the extended services The Wealth Advisory Firm should add and modify their billing services. High High Pursuing Wealth Advisory Firm should enhance their business all over the globe. 6 Requirement of non-functionality for automated billing system of Wealth Advisory Firm Business Analyst To maintain and give flexibility for integration to the firm by notifying the customers about any error occurs. Precise conditions are required for the implementation of the billing system. High High Pursuing Implementation of proper procedures to meet the non-functional requirements of the organization. 7 Requirement of non-functionality for the automated billing system of the organization Customers To give feedback on the new proposed automated billing system The Wealth Advisory Firm should know about the success and failure of their new system. Moderate Low Pursuing Proper execution and planning processes are required to be done to meet customer's requirements. Task 3.03 AS IS process using Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) Figure 1: As-in process using the Business Process Modeling Notation Task 3.04 To be process using Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) Figure 2: As-in process using the Business Process Modeling Notation Task 3.05 Comparison of As-is and To-be Process to prepare note for organizational change and training team based on the business impact of the system Wealth Advisory Firm looks for their ways in order to maximize their profitability. Therefore, the firm aims to implement an automated billing system for their organization to achieve a best invoicing system for their organization. By the implementation of an automated billing system, the firm minimizes their cost as well as maximizes their revenue[3]. Therefore, the Wealth Advisory Firm improves their productivity to deliver services that are more efficient to the customers. In the As-is process, the current billing system is enhanced and in the to-be process, the existing system is re-designed. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is used to design both the processes for the automated billing system of Wealth Advisory Firm[4]. It provides with a robust in order to capture the current business processes, enhancement of design as well as identification of enhancement among the current as well as enhanced processes. Comparison of As-is and To-be Process Diagram with its business impact on system In the As-is process of the billing system, the process begins with the purchase of the order from the customers and then it proceeds towards a creation of the bill. A bill is created, and the discount is required to compute. In order to compute the discount of the ordered product, the sum of the order as well as the type of customer is added. The discount is computed before the final bill is created[5]. Therefore, the "As-is" process ends with creating a bill for the customers with an invoice. If sometimes, after taking the order from the customers, it is seen that the ordered product is not existing into the warehouse of the firm, then the company takes more time to deliver the goods. They are not sufficient to give the goods within the given time of the customers[6]. Therefore, the billing system of Wealth Advisory Firm is re-designed to meet the organizational objectives and goals. In the To-be process with the implementation of an automated billing system, it develops the billing system by generating tickets for each billing services. This new proposed system will reduce the chances of errors and it consumes the time of the wealth advisors so that they can manage their services efficiently. The benefit of this system is that this system not only minimizes the time but also tracks the invoices by the system. The objectives of the "To-be" process is to develop the billing system to create the bills, ensure that it gives centralized invoicing system, and it supports tracking of invoices as well as payments received by the customers. The process of To-be in the given diagram is demonstrated to show how the billing system tracks the invoices and payments. The entire system is based on online. In order to automatic generation of the bills, an ERP system is used in the firm. Using the ERP system, the workers can check for the availability of the goods in the database [7]. The scope of this process is that the efficient billing system saves the time of the wealth advisors and utilizes the time offering services to more customers. In the To-be process of the developed billing system of Wealth Advisory Firm, it creates billing request for the customers after they purchase their products. After the approval of the purchased order, the billing process is created. After the confirmation of the billing request, the bill goes to change service ticket to work ticket. Then the ticket creation is completed. After the completion of the ticket, the ticket is being invoiced. The purchasing order process is executed with the ERP system such that it eliminates as well as reduces the manual entry of the information. That information is also kept up-to-date so that the staffs can track for the invoices. Tracking of the invoices helps the employees to identify if the customers pay the price or not[8]. Even security of those data is also required, therefore, deployment of the ERP system is important for maintaining the accuracy level of the data. The system helps to plan for the business operations previously so that the data s hould be assessed with an opportunity of successful improvement in the business process in the future. Recommendations on managing the business impact In order to manage the impact on the business operations of Wealth Advisory Firm, ERP system has been executed[9]. The following are the recommendations that are suggested by the Business Analyst of Wealth Advisory Firm in order to manage the business impact of the system: Execution of ERP system: With the execution of ERP system, it provides the business with some functionality such as flexibility, best business processes as well as openness. The ERP system improves the productivity, performance as well as speed. The deployment of the ERP system should lead to increasing in performance, synchronization of workflow, enhancement of speed as well as a standardized exchange of information. Engaging the vendors: The software vendors are required to engage that helps in better identification of the system requirements by the firm. The firm also looks for proper software solutions that needed to install a current version of the software[10]. With the selection of the best vendor, it drives up the competition and drives down the operational price. Installation of the billing system: With the installation of the billing system, the cost of the system will reduce. It also reduces the complications of the billing process by easily handling the system[11]. The installation process gives a significant reduction in the operational costs while the system time can improve the business operations. Training to the employees: Training should be given to the employees so that they can handle the ERP system easily. Wealth Advisory Firm started to give training to the staffs so that they can learn how to use and handle ERP system at the time of execution of the system. Task 3.06 Categorization of backlog using the MOSCOW method and identification of stories that make minimum viable product Requirements Category Description of the requirements category Must The ERP system must be used in the business operations of Wealth Advisory Firm such that there is an increment in the productivity and performance. Should The firm should require executing as well as installing the ERP system so that they can increase their profitability and give sustainability to the business. Could The system could also support in the implementation of quality solutions for a billing system[12]. It could reduce the chances of errors in both accounting as well as revenue management. Wont There would not be any decrement within the operation of the ERP system and its customer base[13]. The ERP system operates as previously. Due to the execution of the ERP system, it creates a negligible viable product. It is created by providing the customers services into just in time[14]. The automated billing system also automates the billing information of the customers that are already stored in the data warehouse of the firm. Due to the deployment of the system within the organization, it leads to increment in the performance, standardized exchange of information, workflow synchronization and speed enhancement[15]. The system gives benefits into the operational planning. The ERP system eliminates and reduces the manual entry of the information. The information of the customers is kept up-to-date so that the staffs can track for the invoices. It provides a high quality of customer service with an improvement of relationships. The new proposed ERP system should improve the security, consistency as well as the accuracy of the customer's data. The operational planning provides important data to be assessed with an opportunity of successful improvement in a business process in the future. The implementation of ERP system to handle the billing process of the firm helps them to access the invoice information of the customers more efficiently[16]. It makes their business process more profitable. Before the implementation of the system, the firm faces business changes such as customer dissatisfaction, time lost and misplacing of invoices that lead to error[17]. With the execution of the system, it overcomes with those processes to make an increment in the productivity as well as performance. Task 3.07 Development of screen design for two MUST stories Figure 3: Screen Design of the Project Plan The initial step of the automated billing system is to create bills for the orders that are accepted by the customers at the time of placing the order in the store. With the execution of the ERP system, the billing process becomes more efficient for the staffs. At first, the billing request is created and after the confirmation of the request, it is issued to the customers. The data of the customers are replicated[19]. The service ticket is changed into work ticket, and then it is completed. After the completion of the ticket, the ticket is released for invoicing. As each day, most of the customers are placing their orders; therefore, the ERP based billing system tracks the invoices paid by the customers. After the delivery of the order, the customers paid the price of the ordered product after the creation of the bill[20]. After paying the price, the system drops the message to the customers that they have paid their bill. This entire plan is reviewed to identify any issues if it faces. After the review of the plan, the system is being sent for taken approval from the management department of the organization. After the approval of the project plan, the business analyst goes for the development of the billing system and makes it automatic from a manual process[21]. The automated billing process makes the business operations of Wealth Advisory Firm more profitable and advance so that the organization can meet with customers requirements. Task 3.08 Acceptance Criteria for two stories to be done The following are the acceptance criteria for the user stories and if the Wealth Advisory Firm should follow the above steps, and then the proposal plan for their automated billing system should be accepted[22]. It helps them successfully implement the system for their business. The acceptance criteria are as follows: The user should use navigation element so that they can select to update the billing information. The user in the stories should have the ability to update the billing addresses a well as payment methods for recurring the payment[23]. A notification should be shown to the user stated that the changes would not influence the next billing process. Each of the transactional processes is taken place in real time format. The ERP system should be used to keep the payment and billing related information up-to-date[24]. With the implementation of automated billing system, no manual labors are required to handle the billing process of the firm[25]. The software solution used to implement the system should manage the sales accounting, invoicing and billing required for Wealth Advisory Firm. Task 3.09 Job Description for Business Analyst Business Analyst is an independent consultant of the organization that brings high profitability to the organization. The role of the business analyst is to evaluate as well as solve the business challenges[26]. After identifying the challenges and issues, the person reviews as well as analyze the information to enable them to suggest recommendations to make changes. The duties and responsibilities of the Business Analyst are: Analyzing of work and evaluating surveys Documentation of the identified changes and communicate them to the stakeholders Using of IT resources to build IT solutions, enable the organization to meet its goals Advising the senior management Training to the staffs to use and handle the new system[27] Developing of training curriculum and conducting formal training sessions for the staffs Analyzing the feasibility and developing the new system from the existing system Ensuring for the system design meets the client's requirements Conducting a change impact analysis in order to assess potential implications of changes and documents the business rules[28] Participating in user acceptance testing to test the functionality of the new system References Boltena, A, J Marx Gomez. and N Gronau,Neuro-Fuzzy-ANP-based decision model for ERP system selection. in , Aachen, Shaker, 2014. Devi, M. and R. 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