Sunday, March 15, 2020

Plagues of America essays

Plagues of America essays In the past year The United States of America was hit with three plaques. These plaques affected American life and its citizens to a certain extent. The American people are experiencing fear, a lack of security and, freedom which they once took for granted. These events made life uneasy, uncomfortable and also had the American people grasping on to their lives theyve never had to in history. The President and the U.S. government try to sugar coat all of this by telling the American people that they will make sure and take every precaution to bring back that security and safety back to the American citizens lives. Americans are trying to believe these words and promises but each time they start to get comfortable another event comes around, and they find themselves back in square one with increased fear and lack of security. American citizens started to point fingers and started to hate on certain cultures, races and religions, something which was never seen in American culture in the past. They had become more open and prone to label innocent people. These events changed American life forever and affected us people in all aspects of life. America will never go back to the way it used to be. The morning of Tuesday September 11, 2002 was like any other morning for American citizens. The American people woke up like every other day expecting to through their daily routines. Children were being sent to school while the rest of the people went to work not expecting the unexpected. Business at the World Trade Center went as usual for a part of that morning. Suddenly at 8:45 a.m. American airlines flight 11, Boston to Los Angeles with 92 people on board crashes into the North tower of the world trade center. Seventeen minutes later at 9:03a.m. United Airlines flight 175, Boston to Los Angeles, with 65 passengers onboard crashes into the South tower of the World Trade Center. Within less than an hour both towers collapse as the Americ...

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